Sunday, April 10, 2011

Proposal Critique

My colosseum idea was unique and structurally designed. It was indeed made from plastic and air. It was big enough to house four people at once. The way the colosseum looks can fit any site. Arches took up a lot of space and weaved within one another. The piece would draw people in because of its size and the neat performances going on with in it. The piece has enough information to build it from the way the seems are sealed to the way the project will be held down. The only problem: How big would the final piece be?
Performances would be held with in the arena area and attract people to come see what was happening. People could either join the fight or get lost in the arch maze within the arena area. There are many arches in the colosseum, the people can leave through there or stay and fight within the arena. The colosseum would be on a hill and start off with small arches and then the arches grow bigger as they people go downhill. The general theme is the roman colosseum. Sandbags, stakes and ropes, and ropes tied to trees would secure the piece from flying away. Using fans, the piece will fill with air and stand strong. Surrounding buildings will have to be our source of electricity. This colosseum would be a performative element because of the sword fighting going on in the arena. Yes, there will be other plastic objects.

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