Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inflatiable Critique

In the beginning of the inflatables project things weren't turning out so well because we were trying to make things way more complicated than the structure needed to be, but in the end things went really well. We felt pretty good about the shower stall and the fact that it could hold more than 4 people but not a lot of people wanted to enter it (a few did but not a lot) and even though most people didn't enter the shower everyone that walked by wanted to draw on it which made it a big hit we thought. The wind was a big problem because even though we had things to weigh down the shower, if there was a big gust of wind the structure would try to fall over. Maggie liked her performance piece for the shower because she said it was nice to sleep in which is something we all really needed. In the end we ended up not using a lot of energy because we used a small fan instead of leaf blowers to inflate the shower.

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