Monday, February 28, 2011

Story Revision

     I've always tried to stay in line. I always did what I was told to do with no questions asked; however, this line I was always told to stay on was constricting me. I tried to do what I wanted to do, but staying on the line was what I was told I must do. So one day, I decided to take a step off of it.
     The feeling I felt at first was foreign and slightly awkward, but soon, I began to smile in delight. The pressure on my shoulders was gone and the smell of freedom flowed through my body. I was able to say no to the things I was not able to when I was on the line and felt no consequences from my actions.
     However, one day, I went to far. Instead of listening to my mother's words of wisdom about the use of fire, I went against her orders and grabbed the matches out of the cabinet anyway. I wanted to know what it was like to strike a match and let the dangerous substance dance in my hand like I had seen my father do many times in the past.
     The situation went from fun to disastrous in a matter of seconds.
     My hands were burned by the red and orange demon as the wooden pole holding it up fell from my grasp and onto my skin. At that moment in time, I kept telling myself that I should've listened to what my mother told me to do. I should of stayed in line. That was when I realized that, even though it is difficult, staying in line is what prevents people from hurting themselves or others.
     So after I was able to get my wounds healed, I vowed to stay in line once least...on occasions.

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