Sunday, February 27, 2011

Human Dots

As a group, we gave each other a 3 on craft and doc, but because all the photos were printed differently and Donovan was not there that day so his was completely different. We gave each other a 4 on the use of white space because we think we could have done a better job at showing no cracks in between our fingers. We chose a 4 on our dots because the dots are not all the same and there is a bit of white on the dots. Our human element was a 5 because we chose the part of the body that everyone needs and uses all the time for everything. We gave our meaning a 5 because we played with texture within the paint and balls. All together we were a 4 in group process because we worked quickly and had fun with it, but we really got to know each other with the way the paint would stick to one another.

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