Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metaphor Proposals

My metaphors are based love.

1) Love is a flower. Failing to water it will cause it to whither. I was going to take a fake plant and have some of the flowers barely standing while one was whithered on the ground and falling apart.

2) Love is a chemistry set. Mix the wrong ingredients and you get trouble. Taking a few glass cups and bottles, I was going to make a chemistry set with love and troublemaking ingredients and have them mixing. I was also going to break some of the glasses and burn the case I am going to put them in.

3) Love is a Lamp. It may not be around in the light, but it will always be there for you in the dark. I was going to take a few old lamps, place them together, and put some lights inside of them in a dark area. I was hoping to make a shadow effect with the way I played with the lights


  1. Of the three proposals I feel the strongest one is the last one. The first one feels kind of like a cliche to me because love and flowers are already associated with each other and it also may be too direct of a route to you're overall goal. The second one perhaps on the jars you could label them things that you feel in love or that are needed to achieve love or make it work, but don't label one love directly. As for the last one you could create a more intimate feeling with the lamp in the dark. Intimacy is associated with love, but this way it won't be too direct. People might actually have to think about this one. Maybe the use of color of the bulbs could set the love type mood for this one.

  2. Out of the 3 proposals I definitely love the 2 and 3rd ones because love is chemistry between people, wether or not they be boyfriend/girlfriend or just two best friends that have known each other for a long time. How big would the chemistry set be? Also I really like the lamp idea because intimate moments do often happen in the dark and even when you think that your alone in the dark your never alone. I would definitely play with shadow effects with the lamps